ARCE-DC: Egyptology Lectures in DC!

We're the Washington, DC chapter of the American Research Center in Egypt.



National membership in the American Research Center in Egypt (ARCE) confers local membership in the ARCE-DC Chapter for those who reside in or near Washington, DC.  As mentioned on our Home page, the DC Chapter sponsors about ten free lectures, a workshop, occasional bus trips and social events each year.  Lecturers are drawn from among the most active American and foreign Egyptologists and visitors.  Support for these activities is enhanced by members contributing to our local PAPYRUS Club.  Donations of any amount are gratefully received and are especially helpful in providing financial support for our lecture program.  Interested ARCE-DC members also are encouraged to assist with Chapter affairs, entertaining guests, etc.


To join, or to renew your membership to the American Research Center in Egypt, and become affiliated with a local chapter, please visit the website’s membership information page to select your level of membership. (Please note that the information below is provided for your information only, and that all official, constantly updated information about membership can be found on the website.)

Some of the benefits of general membership include:

  • Complimentary subscription to the general audience ARCE Bulletin and the ARCE Conservation report;
  • A subscription to the scholarly Journal of the American Research Center in Egypt (JARCE), (though it is only optionally offered at select levels of membership);
  • Use of the Simpson Library at ARCE’s Cairo office;
  • Discount at conveniently located Cairo hotels;
  • Lectures, special events, and tours provided by local ARCE chapters and ARCE itself; and
  • Discounted rate at the Annual Meeting.

Next, fill out the online membership form and submit it.  Be sure to select “Washington, DC” in the affiliate chapter drop-down menu. You might also be interested in reading about the different types of membership and the increasing benefits you get as you consider a larger donation.


ARCE is a private, not-for-profit organization founded in 1948 to support research in Egypt on all phases of Egyptian civilization and culture and to promote and strengthen American-Egyptian cultural ties.  It is also a consortium of universities and museums that support archaeological and academic research in Egypt and whose membership is open to the public. ARCE operates out of offices in San Antonio, Texas (e-mail and Cairo, Egypt, and today counts 13  chapters in the U.S., each holding special events and programs on Egypt.  Dina Aboul Saad is the Director for Development in San Antonio and Gerry Scott is Director of the Cairo Office.  The website is   Membership in ARCE helps the organization (and its chapters) carry out its tasks and provides an introduction to learning more about ancient, medieval and modern Egypt.

ARCE provides a permanent archaeological and research base in Cairo for American scholars specializing in ancient, medieval, and modern Egyptian studies.  The scope of programs and activities conducted or supported by ARCE includes an extensive program of research fellowships, archaeological excavations and surveys, and special historical and literary studies.  Under its Egyptian Antiquities Project, funded by a grant from the United States Agency for International Development, ARCE supports a large program of conservation work and studies, including an archaeological field school.

Membership in ARCE brings the satisfaction of being a part of the continuing discovery and conservation of Egypt.  ARCE is tax-exempt under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. All contributions to the organization are tax-deductible according to IRS guidelines.


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