ARCE-DC: Egyptology Lectures in DC!

We're the Washington, DC chapter of the American Research Center in Egypt.

September 14th, 2012

Location:  Benjamin T. Rome Auditorium of the Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies, 1619 Massachusetts Avenue, NW, Washington, DC

Our first lecture for the season will be presented by world renowned Egyptologist, Barry Kemp, Professor Emeritus, Cambridge University; Knight Commander of the British Empire and Chairman of the Amarna Trust.  The lecture is entitled: Amarna Update: Discoveries, New Conservation Efforts and Other Changes”.

Amarna was created as a place dedicated to the cult of the Aten. At its heart was the ‘House of the Aten’, to be identified on the ground with the Great Aten Temple, a site that was rapidly excavated in the 1930s. In the spring of this year, the Amarna expedition began a fresh study of the site as a prelude to recreating its outlines on the ground. The fall of 2011 also saw a further season of excavation at the cemetery of Amarna’s people and the further development of a conservation project on the fragile wooden coffins that have been discovered there.

About our speaker:

Graduated from Liverpool University with a degree in Egyptology 1962. Appointed to an assistant lectureship in Egyptology at the University of Cambridge 1963. Made Professor of Egyptology 2005. Retired at the end of 2007 and moved to Cairo the better to run the Amarna expedition. Founded the Amarna Trust to raise funds to support the expedition.

Fellow of the British Academy and Corresponding Member of the German Archaeological Institute in Berlin. Chairman of the Amarna Trust. Made a CBE (Commander of the British Empire) by the Queen in 2011, for services to archaeology and international relations.

Has worked regularly in field archaeology in Egypt since 1967, including at Amenhotep III’s palace town of Malkata, western Thebes. Began a survey at Tell el-Amarna in the Spring of 1977 for the Egypt Exploration Society, and has continued to work there ever since.

Author of:

Ancient Egypt; anatomy of a civilization. Second revised edition. London: Routledge 2006.

How to read the Egyptian Book of the Dead. London: Granta Press 2007.

The City of Akhenaten and Nefertiti; Amarna and its people. London, Thames and Hudson 2012.

And numerous papers and technical reports.

For the Amarna Project see and

Barry Kemp lectured in Egyptology at the University of Cambridge for many years. He retired from this post in 2007 and moved to Cairo, in order more easily to direct the archaeological expedition at Tell el-Amarna which he began1977. He has long been interested in how the ancient Egyptians lived, and sees the ancient city of Amarna as offering a particularly effective means of exploring this subject.

This lecture has been sponsored by:  Peter Borromeo, Esq


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